12 Awesome Cute Cats That Cost a Fortune

11. Maine Coon – $1,000

Maine Coon cat cute cats pink cat

Maine Coon  is a New England native cat. it has large tufted ears and a shaggy coat. This lovely cat pet is reputed for its mouse hunting skills and its ability to adapt to the extremely cold weather of the US northeast. Maine Coon cat is very intelligent and large enough to weigh 20 pounds or more. Maine Coons cat attain their full size between three and five years, and they are affable and good-natured.

This type of cat adapt easily with lifestyles and personalities and get used to people in a short period of time. While males often behave silly or prone to entertaining antics, females of this breed tend to be more cultured or dignified in their behaviors. Family with kids and cat-friendly dogs would find the laid back and friendly Maine Coon cat amazing.

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