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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism And Activate Your Weight Loss Hormones (Backed by Science)

It has been revealed that the secret to maintaining a healthy weight all starts from the kitchen; 80% diet and 20% lifestyle and exercise. This simple truth has not deterred many from looking for the ultimate panacea to weight loss that would help people shed weight quicker and easier.

People will often go to any lengths to lose weight; fasting, surgery, taking pills, and trying out ridiculous diets. While there is no denying that losing weight is no easy task, yet there are some fundamental things that you can do to activate your weight loss hormones and set the ball rolling.

These hormones regulate your body, and they have some of the most significant effects on our body weight. This way you can achieve a total healthier balance and weight without having to opt for the desperate options mentioned earlier.

Below kiwiwell enlisted   five ways you can naturally activate your weight loss hormone

1. Have a Nice Breakfast


Never skip breakfast. The most important of your three square meals is your breakfast, as It awakens your body from fasting mode to calorie-burning mode. This is true because when you sleep, your body’s metabolism, heart, and breathing rate are all slowed down. In order to switch to your calorie-burning mode again, you have to have a proper breakfast. This means that your meal should be below 800 calories and should be made up of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

2.Focus on Your Breathing

Focus on Your Breathing

By learning some particular kinds of breathing techniques, you can rev up your body’s metabolism rate and increase the number of calories you would burn with normal breathing patterns. A recent study illustrated that the following breathing techniques led to a thirty-seven percent increase in the resting metabolic oxygen consumption rate of participants involved in the research.

They were asked to breathe using only one nostril while completely shutting off the other for twenty-seven breathing cycles, four times every day for thirty days. This breathing technique was found to increase the body’s metabolism and switched on weight loss hormones.

3. Consume More Satisfying Foods

Junk food is packed full of salt and sugar, and they will rarely feel you up before you start craving for them again. By consuming foods that fill you up for extended periods, you will end up eating less, and that can stop you from gaining weight. Leptin is the hormone that is primarily responsible for making us full.

Leptin is abundant in the following types of foods; grapefruit, hot peppers like jalapenos, oatmeal, chicken, lean meats like pork and beef, fishes like salmon, tuna and sardines, low-fat yogurt, green tea, eggs, chicken, olive oil, skim milk, almonds, apples, and turmeric. Integrating these leptin-abundant foods into your diet will ensure that you naturally remain fuller after eating and this can stop you from overeating.

4. Get a Good Night Rest

Get a Good Night Rest

Aim to sleep for around the recommended 6-8 hours every night. Remember leptin, the hormone that helps you feel satisfied is affected by a lack of sleep, and you will likely eat more food and not still feel full.

This will ultimately lead to you overfeeding as your body will look for ways to make up for the energy it lacks due to insufficient sleep. Studies have also revealed that people who do not get enough sleep are at risk of developing some health problems, weight gain being one of them.

5. Look to Develop and Build Muscles

Look to Develop and Build Muscles

The best way to build muscle mass is to lift weight and work out. When you feel a burning kind of sensation after lifting weights, your body is producing testosterone which is a sex hormone that is present in our body, and it aids muscle building by burning fat.

You do not need a set of weights or to go to the gym daily to activate this weight loss hormone. Instead, carrying groceries, bulky home items, or even your kids when you have the chance to play with them throughout the day can help to boost your testosterone levels. However, repeatedly lifting weights up until the time that you feel sore the day after is a vital factor in losing weight.