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97 Fascinating and Quick Facts About the Human Body

1. When you lose about one percent of your body weight in water, the feeling of taste comes. Losing about five percent causes faint and ten percent loss can lead to death.

2. The number of enzymes active in the human body numbers about 700.

3. Humans are the only living species that sleep on their backs.

4. An average four-year-old asks about 400-450 questions in a day.

5. Koalas also have unique fingerprints like humans.

6. Humans fall ill with as low as one percent of bacteria present in the body.

7. The human population of the world can fit in a cube 1000 meters in dimensions.

8. The belly button is also known as the umbilicus.

9. The teeth lack the ability to heal themselves.

10. On average, seven minutes is required for one to fall asleep.

11. Being left or right-handed affects the side you chew your food with as it corresponds with your hands.
12. The fingerprint appears within three months of conception.

13. Women have faster heart rates than men on average.

14. Charles Osborne has a record of having hiccups for a total of 68 years.

15. Right-handed people have been found to live some years more than those that are left-handed.

16. On average, a person is likely to forget up to 90 percent of the dreams they have.

17. If the blood vessels in the human body are stretched as one, they have been estimated to cover about 100,000 km.

18. Seasons have been found to affect the rate of respiration. They are likely to be higher in spring than in autumn.

19. When one is on the verge of death, around 150 trillion pieces of information can be remembered.

20. 80 percent of the body heat leaves the body through the head.

21. The stomach turns red along with the cheeks when one blushes.

22. The population of left-handed people is estimated to be as low as seven percent of the human population.

23. By perceiving the fragrance of an Apple or Banana, one can lose weight.

24. If left to grow through a person’s lifetime, the hair of an average human will be as long as 725 kilometers.

25. Most humans cannot move their ears. But out of the population who can, only about one third can move only one ear.

26. An estimated number of eight small spiders are swallowed by humans over their lifetime.

27. The bacteria in the human body is estimated to weigh about two kilograms when collected.
28. One averagely says 4,800 words in a day.

29. The retinas inside the eye cover about 650 square mm and contain 137 million light-sensitive cells: 130 million are for black and white vision and 7 million are for helping you see in color.

30. The eyes never grow but the nose always grows.

31. People are taller in the morning than they are in the evening.

32. The muscles which help your eyes to focus complete around 100,000 movements a day. In order to make your leg muscles do the same amount of movements, you would need to walk 80 kilometers.

33. The puff of air from a cough travels at 60 miles per hour.

34. According to some researchers, the risk of heart attack is higher on a Monday.

35. The human bones are about 4 times harder than steel.

36. One cannot sneeze with eyes open.

37. Ingrown toenails are gotten from genes.

38. People are more likely to die from lack of sleep than they are from hunger.

39. The average life expectancy is 2,475,576,000 seconds. During this time we pronounce, on average, around 123,205,750 words and have sex 4,239 times.

40. The cornea of the eye functions by receiving oxygen from the air. This makes it the only part of the body that is sustained without blood circulation.

41. The human brain is so powerful when we think about what memory can carry. It is estimated to have the ability to contain more than three terabytes of data.

42. At the time of birth, babies can simultaneously breathe and swallow. This is an ability is lost usually after seven months. This is not the case in adult humans.

43. The skull is formed by the arrangement of twenty-nine individual bones.

44. We all know how fast we respond to our senses. This is so because anything felt is transmitted at a speed of 274km/h to the brain.

45. An individual’s brain generates enough electrical pulses in a day to exceed that produced by all mobile phones in the world altogether.

46. On average, the human body has sufficient Sulphur to kill all the fleas on the average dog, enough carbon to make up to 900 pencils, enough potassium to fire a toy cannon, enough fat to make seven bars of soap, and enough water to fill a 50-liter container.

47. Over an average lifetime, the human heart pumps about 182 million liters of blood.

48. An estimated number of 50,000 cells in your body died and were replaced by new ones while you were reading this sentence.

49. The teeth have about ninety-nine percent of the calcium in the human body.

50. The lips are by far more sensitive than the tip of the fingers.

51. The heartbeat is increased above hundred beats per second during a kiss.

52. The muscles that enable us to chew on one side of the jaw is about 195 kilograms.

53. When people kiss, there is a transfer of above 250 bacteria from one person to the other which are mostly not harmful.

54. The fear of virgins is called Parthenophobia.

55. If you collected all the iron contained in the human body, you would get just a small cog, big enough only for use in your watch.

56. Viruses that can cause cold are up to a hundred different types.

57. To maintain fresh breath, kissing a person over a period of time helps to balance the acidity level in the oral cavities.
58. Hitting your head against the wall can help you lose up to 150 calories.

59. Only humans can make straight lines in the drawing.

60. The skin is shed and replaced over a thousand times in a lifetime.

61. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is equivalent to drinking half a cup of tar a year.

62. Men blink more than women.

63. The structure of the human body contains only four minerals: apatite, aragonite, calcite, and cristobalite.

64. A proper kiss can spark the same chemical reaction in the body as skydiving.

65. Men are officially classified as dwarves if their height is below 1.3 m, whereas for women the measure is 1.2 m.

66. The toenails grow slower than the fingernails.

67. Sensing pain is more in people with blue eyes.

68. 100,000 chemical reactions occur in the human brain every second.

69. Though more pronounced in some than others, everyone has dimples in the lower back.

70. In identical twins, the absence of a certain tooth in one is often true in the other.

71. The surface area of the human lungs is approximately equal to the area of a tennis court.

72. Averagely, people spend two weeks kissing throughout their lifetime.

73. Facial hairs in blonde men has faster growth than those with dark hair.

74. Leukocytes in the human body live for two to four days, and erythrocytes for three to four months.

75. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.

76. The size of the fist often measures to the size of the heart. And an average adult human heart weighs 220-260 grams.

77. At the time of birth, the human brain is made up of 14 billion cells which remains so through development. After 25 years, the number of cells falls by 100,000 every day. About 70 cells die in the minute it takes you to read a page in a book. After 40 years, the decline of the brain accelerates sharply, and after 50 years neurons shrink and the brain gets smaller.
78. At birth, the body is made of 300 bones which reduces to 206 at the adult stage.

79. When alive, the small intestine is about 2.5 meters. But in death, the muscles in the walls of their intestine relax, and its length increases to 6 meters.

80. The right lung takes in more air than the one in the left.

81. An adult breathes in and out about 23000 times a day.

82. Sperm cells are the smallest cells in the body.

83. The mouth has about 40,000 bacteria.

84. The taste buds in a human mouth is about 2000.

85. The eye can see up to 10 million different colors.

86. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is a chemical that causes the feeling of go ecstasy.

87. The heart can pump blood over three stories high

88. A person burns more calories when they are asleep than when they watch TV.

89. Growth is faster in children during spring.

90. Many left-handed people meet their death because they could not handle machines meant for right-handed people.

91. One man in every three hundred is capable of satisfying themselves orally.

92. fewer muscles are needed for smiling than frowning. Smiling takes 17 muscles while frowning takes 43. No you know which to pick.

93. People lose taste buds as they grow older.

94. Hair grows faster during flights.

95. One percent of people can see infra-red light and 1% can see ultraviolet radiation.

96. When locked in a box, what kills you is the carbon dioxide you produce not the lack of air.

97. Statistically, only one person out of two billion may reach the age of 116.