17 Best American Cars Of All Time

American cars tend to have changed the way we look at cars these days!  American-made cars may have been around for decades but they offer drivers luxury, glamor, and optimal performance.

From Model T to the Corvette, take a look at some of the best ever-made iconic American cars.

17. Oldsmobile “Rocket” 88

Model Years: 1949-1999

Estimated Price: $19,000

People sang about pretty dames and fast cars back then in the fifties. But, the speed of those cars is nothing, compared to the cars of today! Tunes on cars easily lure people to the top of cars’ charts, just as Ike Turner had a hit with Rocket 88. Oldsmobile ‘Rocket’ 88 was tagged the fastest American car you could at the time.

This car was powered by a 135-hp Rocket V-8 engine and it gave enthusiasts what could best be described as a sweet, lovely, and classy ride. True, Rocket 88 is worth every penny and be rest assured that you can get one with just $19,000.

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