Bizarre Rules Kate Middleton Is Forced To Follow

Kate Middleton

Being the Duchess of Cambridge is not as glamorous as people think. The princess must follow certain rules and stick to the protocols of her institution when undertaking representational, ceremonial, or diplomatic duties. Since marrying the future monarch, Prince William, she must always adapt to the lifestyle and abide by the rules respected by the Queen herself.

Queen Elizabeth II lays out the rules, of which she has been in charge for decades now. Some of those rules are very controversial and they still constitute a hot debate in the UK and around the world. Kiwiwell brought 10 rules Kate Middleton must follow to prove herself a princess.

No Autographs

kate middleton

Kate Middleton became a real celebrity right after she joined the royal family. However, she cannot do what celebrities like to do which is signing autographs for her fans. She’s only allowed to sign official documents already approved by the Queen.

She is unable to profit from her own work

princess Kate

Everyone gets paid for what he or she does, but the duchess of Cambridge is not allowed to receive money from any type of her works. As you might know, Kate is a keen photographer and she has released some of her previous works in the past.

No social media

no social media

As a royal family member, the princess is not allowed to be on social media platforms. In fact, all members are forbidden from being on social media for security reasons. The official crown accounts you see on social media are not managed by the royal family but by communication professionals, who choose what to post and what to write very carefully.

No flashy nails

flashy nails

Girls find it hard to decide what color best suits their nails for their occasions, but Kate Middleton finds it easy because she’s not allowed to put impressive colors to polish her nails. She’s required to use a color pallet.

Kate Not allowed to hug or kiss William in public

no intimacy

it’s unacceptable to show affection to your significant other in public in the royal family. The couple is only allowed to show love behind doors. Photographers rarely catch the couple living a moment of intimacy between Kate and Williams.

She can’t vote

Royal families around the world don’t participate in political elections. They prefer to remain neutral so as to protect their family‘s reputation.  The same goes for the royal family of England.  The Queen doesn’t participate in the elections and as a result, none of her family does.

The royal family is not allowed to travel on the same plane, train or boat.

Royal family members are not allowed to travel together on the same plane, train, or boat. The royal vacation requires a lot of planning and they may go to the same place but by different means of transportation. This rule exists to protect the royal members from accidents.

She must go to the beauty salon regularly.

hair style salon

The Duchess of Cambridge is famous and she must always look glamorous and give an impeccable look. Photographers and paparazzi are always around famous people like Kate. Therefore, she’s always expected to look gorgeous, with her nails trimmed and clean, and with a nice hairstyle.

She must keep the sex of the baby till birth.

baby birth

 When Kate is pregnant, she doesn’t reveal the sex of her baby till the baby is born. British media like to speculate about the sex of the baby and so as the whole society.

No hats after 6 P.M. for the royal family members

hat for royal women after pm

 Royal hats are usually placed in the front of the head. All female members of the royal family put hats on at formal events, it‘s something they are known for, but they don‘t use them after 6 P.M.