10 Bizarre Rules Kate Middleton Is Forced To Follow

Kate Middleton

Being the Duchess of Cambridge is not as glamorous as people think. The princess must follow certain rules and stick to the protocols of her institution when undertaking representational, ceremonial, or diplomatic duties. Since marrying the future monarch, Prince William, she must always adapt to the lifestyle and abide by the rules respected by the Queen herself.

Queen Elizabeth II lays out the rules, of which she has been in charge for decades now. Some of those rules are very controversial and they still constitute a hot debate in the UK and around the world. Kiwiwell brought 10 rules Kate Middleton must follow to prove herself a princess.

10.No Autographs

kate middleton

Kate Middleton became a real celebrity right after she joined the royal family. However, she cannot do what celebrities like to do which is signing autographs for her fans. She’s only allowed to sign official documents already approved by the Queen.

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