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This Cloud Is a Hot Debate On The Internet. Cat or Dog?

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Mother nature is as creative as the human mind! Sometimes it creates stunning and amazing resemblance of real species out of its natural components. This furry-looking cloud formation was found in the atmosphere and posted on Reddit by a user named jhvk.

Thousands of people have shared these photos and commented on them. In fact, it has been a hot debate since then on social media! Some people say it’s a cat, others believe it to be a dog while others say it’s just a cloud.

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From one angle, it looks like a cat because most cats actually look like this in real life. Its paws are stretched like if it’s trying to catch something in the air, or probably playing around with a toy. cats often act in a strange way as one of the commentators said.

But if we look at it from another angle, we can see that the cloud actually looks like a dog or a puppy. dogs when they jump to catch things, they lift their heads and keep the legs down.

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One thing we know for certain is that it’s a cloud. However, Whether you believe it to be a dog or a cat, we rarely encounter such cloud formations in the atmosphere. it’s worth taking a shot when you see one like this and share it with people on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform you use.