11 Countries in the World Where Women Are in High Demand in 2024

Demography is uncontrollable. in some countries the opposite sex outweighs men while in others there are more men than women. This gender ratio is due to biological, economic, and social reasons.

Kiwiwell came up with a list of countries that don’t have enough women. In the comment section, tell us where would you go to meet your handsome man.

11. Norway


With a life expectancy between 80 to 84, Norway has approximately 12.000 more men than women. Demographists haven‘t figured out yet how to reduce this gender ratio gap in Norway.

10. Iceland



In recent statistics of 2020, Iceland has 9.950 more men than women. There are even rumors across the internet that the Icelandic government offered money to ladies abroad willing to marry Icelandic men as an attempt to reduce this gender gap.

9. Canada 

Canada’s population is estimated at 38 million of which 52 percent is men. The main factor contributing to this gender ratio is women leaving the country for work in other countries and never return back.

8. Sweden


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Europe as a whole suffers from large numbers of refugees coming from the war zone in the middle east, and Sweden is the most affected country by this global issue. The gender ratio is estimated at 15.000 men more than women and the number is growing.

7. Cyprus

In this Eastern Mediterranean country, which often serves as a bridge between the Middle East and Europe, there is a shortage of men which constitutes a population growth problem for the country.

6. China


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China is a country with 1.4 billion people, but, surprisingly, they don‘t have enough women. There are 35 million more males than females.

5. Finland 


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In this Scandinavian country, statistics say that 256.000 males aged between 25 to 50 don‘t have a girl to date.

4. Italy


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Italy also suffers from a men shortage and this is often associated with women leaving the country. also, most women there like to be independent and develop a career.

3. India

India is one the fastest growing countries in the world, however, the gender ratio is one of its biggest issues. There are 110 males for every 100 females.

2. Switzerland


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Migratory flows play a big role in this gender ratio in Switzerland.

1. England


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England, where women earn the same as men, females tend to travel abroad for work and this leaves England with a men shortage.

The remaining question is that would you marry a man from one of the above-mentioned countries to reduce the gender ratio gap in them?