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4 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

How Beginners Should Begin A Fat-Loss Diet

How to lose weight is a question often people ask when willing to change their lifestyle for a much healthier and fitter one. if this is you and you want to get rid of those stubborn extra pounds,  here are 4 fat loss tips that will help you slim down successfully and keep the pounds off for good.

1. Understand Calories

Regardless of what your ultimate fitness aim is; gain muscle, maintain weight or lose fat; it is paramount that you must have a basic understanding of calories in against calories out. This is the single most important factor when you want to alter your body structure. If you burn more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight and vice-versa. This is the only way to gain or lose weight.

2. Disregard Fad Diets

As mentioned earlier, calories are what actually matter. You will probably see a bunch of fad diets on the internet like low carb diet, Ketogenic diet, paleo, and intermittent fasting and so many other dietary restrictions that are totally uncalled for and should be disregarded. These fads are built on false pretenses and they will set you on a vicious cycle of weight gain and loss and this will severe your love for food.

3. Consume More Protein

Eat more of a vegetarian diet – food packed with fats and carbs. Protein is perhaps the most vital macronutrient that is ignored.  So, start with adding protein to your diet. Protein in combination with weight training will help to retain muscle mass when you are looking to lose weight.  In addition to feeling you up quicker, protein also aids in burning more calories.

4. Set Realistic goals

Most people are under the false illusion that once they start dieting, they will start seeing its effects after a week. There is NO CHANCE that this will ever be the case. You did not add all those weights in a single month and you are surely not getting rid of them in a single month either. Your current physical condition is a sum total of your lifestyle for many years. Aiming to lose 8 pounds in space for seven days is simply not going to happen. However, looking to lose half a pound in that period is realistic if you set realistic goals.