EXPANSIVE CAT: Do You Really Need one? This Will Help You Decide!

Cats rank high in the list of most preferred pets in the United States. On average, cat owners spend over $1,200 per year to cater for their adorable feline. The total US pet industry expenditure in 2017 was up to $69.4 billion, Americanproducts.org report revealed. Statistically, based on the above report, pet owners spent $29.7 billion on food, $14.9 billion on supplies, including over-the-counter medicines, $16.6 billion on veterinary care, $2 billion on live animal purchases, just as other services gulped $6.1 billion.

With 47.1 million households in the US adopting a pet feline, cats rank just behind pet dogs which are kept by 60.2 million households in the country. And, based on estimates, 94.2 million pet cars live in the US. Petfoodindustry.com projected that the US pet food market would experience 4.4% growth in 2018, and might reach $27 billion. Rich pet owners are ready to spend big on buying and raising rare cat breeds. So, here, we show you the top 12 most expensive cat breeds around the world. Take a look at these lovely and adorable cat breeds, and feel free to opt for anyone you like.

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