Ranked: Expensive States Where Americans Don’t Want To Live

Some states are very expensive as hell! and if you want to live in one of them, you will have to stretch your paycheck a little bit or move out to the cheapest ones like Mississipi where the cost of living index is 86.1 with the lowest housing index. Below is a list of 15 most expensive states to live in the United States.

15. Nevada

tax in Nevada

It is true that there is no income tax in Nevada. But, living in the state is getting expensive over the years. Currently, according to U.S. News & World Report, housing cost in Nevada is the 5th most expensive throughout the country.

14. New Hampshire

income tax
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Although the cost of living is being moderated in the state, New Hampshire is still an expensive state to live in. But, it has a 5% state income tax and this is fairly okay, compared to some other states.

13. Washington

The Cost of living in Washington

The Cost of living in Washington is very high and you may blame Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and a number of companies for it. These companies made the cost of living in Washington to go up. At present, Washington is ranked as the fourth most expensive state in the country, especially on housing costs.

12. Maine

Income tax in Maine
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Residents in Maine are charged before they can live in the state. Income tax in Maine is 7.15%. And, as a result of this, Maine ranks high in the list of worst states to live in the United States. Statistics made available by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) showed that health care costs in Maine are significantly higher than what is available in other states within the country.

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