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25+ Foods Dietitians Suggest Avoiding for Better Health

Avoid These Foods At All Costs

In the pursuit of optimal health and well-being, what we choose to consume plays a pivotal role. Our diet, filled with various foods and beverages, can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Many foods, while seemingly innocuous, can actually harbor a multitude of hidden health hazards. Refined sugars, trans fats, and excess sodium are but a few of the culprits that can compromise our wellness. But how do we discern the harmful from the healthy? This is where the wisdom of dietitians comes in. As experts in the field of nutrition, dietitians are equipped with the knowledge to help us navigate the complex world of food. Kiwiwell brought you dietitians’ insights, discussing over 25 foods that they suggest avoiding for better health.

Food to Avoid

26. Canned Soups: Sodium Overload

Canned Soups

Manufacturers: Campbellā€™s, Progresso, and more
Est. Price: $3-4 per can*

Canned soups offer convenience but can be perilous due to their high sodium, preservatives, and trans fats. Regular consumption can lead to bloating, heart problems, weight gain, and diabetes. Opting for low-sodium alternatives or homemade soups with fresh ingredients ensures a healthier choice. By prioritizing nutrient-rich options, you can relish comforting meals without compromising your well-being. Incorporating vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into homemade soups boosts their nutritional value. Reading labels attentively aids in making informed choices. While canned soups might save time, their potential health risks demand caution. Embrace a balanced approach to savor both convenience and your long-term health.

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