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Foods And Drinks That Wreck Your Teeth And Gums

Foods And Drinks That Wreck Your Teeth And Gums

What could be worse for your teeth than candy? Well, when it comes to your teeth, there’s a lot to be said that could be worth more than candy. Candy is like the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tooth decay. There are lots of other foods in your diet that are not good for your teeth. In fact, they may be causing damage to your teeth that you haven’t realized yet.

So what causes tooth decay?

Like earlier said, there is more to the story that candy or sugar causes tooth decay. While everybody blames these two, tooth decay actually begins with acid.

Sugar breaks down into an acid and then combines with a plaque that has formed on your teeth to weaken your enamel.  Your enamel is that part of your teeth that protects the soft tissue on the inside. So when the enamel begins to decay, cavities begin to form.

However, one way to prevent cavities in the first place is to brush your teeth.  Dentists recommend brushing your teeth regularly to avoid cavities, most especially after eating sugary or acidic foods.  Whenever you eat a snack that’s not good for your teeth, your teeth become vulnerable to the acid that is produced as the sugars are broken down.  That’s why the importance of brushing and flossing cannot be overemphasized.

Now that you know that there are actually foods worse than candy that can cause tooth decay and how to avoid tooth decay, here’s the list of 8 foods that are actually worse than candy you’ve been waiting for.

1. ICE

ICE for teeth

Anything ice is bad. You might be asking, “what is so bad about frozen water?” Well, it’s not about the makeup of the water but more about the hardness of an average ice cube. Chewing hard substances such as ice can be bad for your teeth as you’re putting extra strain on your enamel. To be on the safer side, just stick with bottled water.