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This Company Is Willing to Pay $2,400 to Go Screenless for 24 Hours

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine life without screens, but what about just for 24 hours straight without checking your emails, news, social media platforms, or your favorite tv show? is a company that reviews tech services and devices that are made to make your home operate smarter. Now the company is willing to pay $2,400 if you go 24 hours straight without looking at your screens.

This contest is called the digital detox challenge, and contesters who are able to stay away from screens for 24 hours straight get $2,400.

How you can take part

If you are above 18 years old living in the united states, tired of screens scrolling up and down, you can participate.

The participants chosen by the company will get a safe where you can put all your devices for 24 hours and a $200 amazon gift card by which you can create a “tech-less survival kit.” Participants will select a day of their choice to start their screenless day challenge.

The screenless day includes cellphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, TVs, hand smartwatches, gaming devices, or any sort of device that has a screen. After 24 hours of going screenless, contesters will be asked to submit a screen time report to the company to prove they didn’t watch any of the after-mentioned devices.

Where to apply

If you think you can take part in this challenge, you can apply for 2021 digital detox challenge. Applications will open on the 26th of March and the contesters will be selected on the 29th of March.

For more information about the challenge, don’t hesitate to visit the website.