High-Paying Jobs For The Next Coming 10 years

The world is becoming more tech-savvy or, better still, more tech-centric on a daily basis and virtually all the in-demand jobs for 2020 have this tech-centric element. But, not all the jobs require the knowledge of JavaScript or 8 hours in front of a screen each day.

Here are 10 high demand jobs in the next 10 years

1. Physical therapist

Physical therapist

More physical therapists were needed in 2019 because demand was high. In 2020, the demand curve for physical therapists will be steeper, according to Martin Luenendonk, the co-founder and CEO of Cleverism. He said that people used to do their tasks manually a few years ago when technology was not in its present advanced stage, and that helped them to keep their bones, muscles, and joints healthy. So, as we zoom into the future, with a good number of bevy machines that make our life easier, people’s health will be affected because of the lack of physical activities. So, more physical therapists will be needed to boost the physical rehabilitation of people, manage their pain, and enhance their mobility. Currently, the physical therapist is ranked 20th in the 100 Best Jobs, but its demand will be very high in 2020.

2. Digital and video marketer

Digital and video marketer

In the opinion of Steve Pritchard, the CEO at Checklate, there will be a massive demand for jobs and careers in the digital and video marketing space come 2020. He confessed that demand is already high for roles in this area of the marketing industry. But, as video becomes more and more popular, he believed that demand for digital and video marketers would soar higher in the coming months. He said that video is being used continually as a CTA (Call to Action) to engage online users on content to boost the products and services of fiercely competitive business outfits.

3. Commercial drone pilot

Commercial drone pilot

The field of commercial drone pilots would soon explode, according to the executives of SkyOp, a company which just developed its new STEM curriculum to qualify high school juniors and seniors to fly commercial drones. It said that although the need for commercial drone pilots had grown recently, the Federal Aviation Administration believed that the demand for commercial UAV pilots would see quadruple growth in 2020. Over 300,000 new pilots would be needed to meet up with future demand. As a result of SkyOp training, high school students can have access to this high-paying job once they graduate.

4. Security, fire, and service technicians

Security, fire, and service technicians

Security, fire, and service technician positions under the broad umbrella of cybersecurity, with an average wage, pegged at $20 per hour. People with a high school degree or some technical school credits can pick up these positions. Being an in-demand job in 2020, security, fire, and service technician jobs involve the installation of security systems, fire alarms, burglar alarms, access control, as well as CCTV. By the end of 2020, Varco will have hired 500 workers for these positions, and employees can get up to a six-figure salary in no distant time.

5. Financial tech (fintech) professional

Lawyer, paralegal, and legal-support staff

It is estimated that jobs in financial services will experience 11% growth by 2026. Aurora, a company that uses cutting-edge technology to assist retail banks in building their business-loan portfolios and also behind the fintech Biz2x, confessed that this growth would focus primarily on the technological aspect of the financial-services business. It also said that companies like Goldman Sachs and HSBC would fight for tech talents. Over the next five years, the need for skills will high among companies that deal with tech products and financial services, and significant positions will await qualified applicants for fintech jobs.

6. Lawyer, paralegal, and legal-support staff

Lawyer, paralegal, and legal-support staff

Law firms and corporate legal departments are in dire need of professionals for these positions, especially now that litigation continues to drive the wheel of hiring in the legal field. In the coming months, law firms and companies will have job openings in commercial litigation, employment law, as well as insurance defense.

7. Social-media marketer

Social-media marketer

Five years ago, marketing automation, growth marketing, and social-marketing influencer jobs were not in place but, today, they have prominent roles to play in every thriving business! Why? People who have played the marketing game all these years have to redefine their skills so that they can remain relevant in today’s business world. And, for Rowland, it is about time college students began to embrace these fantastic professions as careers.

8. Veterinarian, vet tech, and vet aide

Veterinarian, vet tech, and vet aide

Many people have animals as pets in the United States and treat them not as animals but as family members. So, the need for health professionals to cater to these furry family members is very high. And, as Ishikawa has made it clear, most Americans want veterinary care professionals that could come up with surgeries and procedures capable of extending the duration and quality of life of their pets. This might be your perfect career path if you love animals.

9. In-home caregiver

In-home caregiver

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 70% of people aged 65 and above will need some sort of long-term care services for the rest of their lives since the elderly population continues to grow at an alarming rate. This fast-expanding home-care population will need the services of 4.2 million home-care workers by 2026. So, in no distant time, this direct-care occupation will turn to a highly lucrative job opportunity.

10. Blockchain developer

Blockchain and finance

Blockchain developers will rank high among in-demand jobs in 2020, according to Jordan Bishop, the VP of Human Resources at Yore Oyster. He felt that significant developments in cryptocurrency infrastructure would require a massive investment in the areas of oversight and talent development. It appears that there would be a surge in demand in the spring of 2020. Bitcoin is expected to undergo its third halving on May 20, 2020. When this happens, mining will generate half of the number of Bitcoin every ten minutes, according to Jordan Bishop. In 2016, a similar procedure had a massive impact on the price and uptake of Bitcoin. So, the possibility of this happening again is very high, and there will be a need for many Blockchain developers and legislators in a few months to come.