Discover The Highest Paying Jobs For The Next Coming 10 years

The world is becoming more tech-savvy or, better still, more tech-centric on a daily basis and virtually all the in-demand jobs for 2020 have this tech-centric element. But, not all the jobs require the knowledge of JavaScript or 8 hours in front of a screen each day.

Here are 10 high demand jobs in the next 10 years

1. Physical therapist

Physical therapist

More physical therapists were needed in 2019 because demand was high. In 2020, the demand curve for physical therapists will be steeper, according to Martin Luenendonk, the co-founder and CEO of Cleverism. He said that people used to do their tasks manually a few years ago when technology was not in its present advanced stage, and that helped them to keep their bones, muscles, and joints healthy. So, as we zoom into the future, with a good number of bevy machines that make our life easier, people’s health will be affected because of the lack of physical activities. So, more physical therapists will be needed to boost the physical rehabilitation of people, manage their pain, and enhance their mobility. Currently, the physical therapist is ranked 20th in the 100 Best Jobs, but its demand will be very high in 2020.

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