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How To Make Yourself More Attractive

How To Make Yourself More Attractive

When we think about a person being attractive, we mostly tend to think about their looks. But that’s not always the case. Most of the time, being attractive is more than just looking great. You can still be very attractive without incredible looks. Simple things like changing the way you act, your overall body language, all of these can be very important. With that in mind, here are some things you can do to make yourself more attractive.

Improve your posture

According to a study, improving your posture does make you more attractive. It shows you are taking good care of yourself. Plus, it inspires confidence in the mind of those persons that see you. Things like the legs and arms being faced forward instead of folding them can help quite a lot. You are also showing that you’re open and ready for a conversation.

Nodding your head

Believe it or not, something as simple as nodding your head can actually make you more attractive, sometimes up to 40%! The reason is simple, when you nod your head, you become more likable, and people find you easier to approach. As a whole, this tends to make a person more attractive, and it’s certainly a thing to keep in mind.

Change the way you walk

A simple change like hip-swaying or just adding a bit of swagger into the way you walk does make you more attractive. The idea is to walk in a different way, one that exudes confidence and strength. Women are more likely to be attracted by a man that has a swagger and a style of his own. Do that, and it will help you stand out. Women can sway their hips, which makes them more attractive as well.

Start wearing more red

Red is a color that’s known to show a sense of style and a boost of confidence. Because of that, it can easily attract the opposite sex more than you might expect. When a woman wears red, that makes her more appealing to men. In the case of men, however, red is a color that helps them dominate and surpass others.

Look people in the eyes

This is not only a great flirting technique, but it also makes you very attractive. You can look people in the eyes and smile at them, it shows you are confident, trustworthy, and don’t hide the truth from them, which is really important.

Start using metaphoric compliments

When you use metaphors to share a compliment, that shows you are intelligent and many find that very attractive. This is something that researchers from China studied for quite some time, and they do believe that showcasing intelligence in a conversation will make you a lot more appealing to other people.

Become a more altruistic person

The simple fact that you’re helping others instead of buying stuff for yourself shows you are a great, amazing person. Studies show that even if you have an average look, the simple fact that you’re helping others makes you more attractive in the eyes of a woman.

Everyone can become more attractive, it all comes down to your behavior, style, and how you present yourself. But as we can see, it’s not all about looks. Your clothes, how you talk with others, how clever your remarks are and even your posture can help you become more attractive in the eyes of other people. Use these tips and apply them today to enhance your look, it will be well worth it!