Kitten Goes To The Beach For The First Time And Can’t Stop Smiling

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Credits: Facebook/Semsema Mahmoud

We all agree that a smile is a sign of happiness and joy but what if you just keep smiling all the time like this little adorable kitten? Isn’t it a sign that she is in a state of joy and happiness? Semsema Mahmoud, the owner of this kitten, took her to the beach and made sure that her first beach experience will be a haunting experience for her.

The owner posted the kitten’s photos on Facebook followed by a comment saying it was her first time going to the beach.

cat kitten
Credits: Facebook/Semsema Mahmoud

You can’t tell that she was not enjoying the moment! look at her pictures, she couldn’t hide her happiness and excitement.

cat necklace
Credits: Facebook/Semsema Mahmoud

Come on, this picture says it all

pet store
Credits: facebook/Semsema Mahmoud

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