Sex-Drive Killers (loss of libido)

Most people have the ability to do many things well when they’re stressed. Feeling sexy usually isn’t one of those things. Stress at work, home, or in a relationship can happen to anyone but learning how to handle it in a healthy manner can really help.You can do a lot of stress-relieving yourself and on the other hand, a counselor or doctor can also help.

Libido Killer: Partner Problems.

Having personal problems with one’s partner is up there among the top sex-drive killers. For women, feeling close or loved is a major part of desire. Both sexes should watch for fallout from fights and arguments and also try to avoid poor communication. There are other ways sex-drive can be reduced like when one of the partners is feeling betrayed and other trust issues. If you find it hard to get the engines revving, you should try contacting a couples counselor

Libido Killer: Alcohol

Alcohol is known for making one feel more open or receptive towards sexual stimulation, but too much alcohol can numb your sex drive. Being drunk and incoherent might also serve as a turn-off for your partner. If you have tried to keep the drinking under control and you think you can’t do it alone, you should seek help.

Libido Killer: Very Little Sleep

If you find it hard to get ready for sex as easily as you used to in the past, it could also be as a result of getting very little sleep. You should check if you have an issue going to sleep like trouble falling or staying asleep, or a condition such as sleepwalking and the like.

As long you have problems with sleeping and you’re always feeling tired, sex won’t have the same allure. Fatigue or tiredness inhibit libido. Try to get more sleep on your own, and if it doesn’t work out then you can always talk to your doctor.

Libido Killer: Children

It’s not possible to lose your sex drive once you get a kid or even two. However, you don’t get to spend as much time with your partner anymore.

You could always hire a babysitter occasionally so that you and your partner do not forget that you’re partners as well as parents.

Libido Killer: Medication

There are several drugs and treatments known to reduce or inhibit the sex drive. Some of them are:

  • Blood pressure medications
  • Anti-Retroviral drugs for HIV treatment
  • Birth control pills
  • Antidepressants
  • Chemotherapy

You can always go to your doctor to let him know about the effects such drugs have on you and he would place you on different medications. Just don’t stop taking them on your own. You should tell your doctor too if your sex drive plummets soon after you start taking a new drug.

Libido Killer: Poor Body Image or low self-confidence

When one likes how their body looks, it’s easy to feel sexy or want sex.You should try to feel good about your body, and working out can help you a lot on that front.Feeling good about oneself can put people in the mood so if your partner has low self-esteem, you should assure them that they look good.

Libido Killer: Obesity

When people have weight problems or are obese, their desires often plummets.It might be that they can’t enjoy sex or can’t perform as well as they might want to, or are held back by low self-esteem. Working on how they feel about themselves alongside a counselor’s help if needed, can make a big difference.

Libido Killer: Erection Problems

Men with erectile dysfunction often worry if they will be able to perform well sexually, and that worry can drain them of their desire. ED can be worked on and partners work together to make sure their relationship is meaningful apart from sex.

Libido Killer: Low Hormone Levels

Testosterone fuels sex drive Andis even more dominant in males. As men age, their T levels usually drop a bit. Not all of them will lose the desire for sex when it happens, but some men do. Many other things can also affect a man’s sex drive and testosterone levels, so there’s no sure answer for all men.

Libido Killer: Depression

Depression can reduce pleasure in many things, especially sex. This one of the particular reasons one needs to get help. If your treatment involves medication, tell your doctor if your sex drive is low, since some anti-depression drugs are known to lower sex drive. You can also bring it up in discussions with your therapist. 

Libido Killer: Menopause

For most women, their sex drive lowers drastically when they hit menopause. This is in part, due to symptoms such as vaginal dryness and pain during sex. But women have different bodies and it’s possible to have a great sex life after menopause by paying more attention to your relationship, self-esteem, and overall health.

Libido Killer: Distance

Sex without intimacy can hamper desire greatly. Intimacy is not just ordinary sex. If your sexual life has become casual, you can try to spend more time with just the two of you, doing fun and recreational activities. You can talk, snuggle, even have pillow fights. Just look for ways to express love for each other without resorting to sex for a while. This will help in getting your sex drive back.