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Discover The Most Expensive Cats Ever Sold (2024 Updated)

Cats rank high in the list of most preferred pets in the United States. Statistics show that  47.1 million households in the US are adopting a pet feline. Cats rank just behind pet dogs which are kept by 60.2 million households in the country.

Below we listed you the top 12 most expensive cats ever sold around the world.

12. Savannah – $50,000

savannah cat

Savannah cat is a hybrid of a wild African serval cat and a domestic Persian cat. A Bengal breeder, Judee Frank came up with the first Savannah in 1986 and it was accepted by breeder associations in the mid-1990s. Savannah cat is very loyal to its owners, just like dogs. And, if well trained from a tender age, Savannah cat can socialize well with strangers and other pets.

Savannahs tend to growl or hiss if they are not used to strangers. Being a strong and agile breed of cats, Savannahs can jump easily onto high cabinets, door stops, and refrigerators. Also, they are smart, playful, active, and curious cats.

Savannah cat may be classified into five categories: F1 to F5. While F1 cats have about 50% serval trait, F5 comes with only 11%. What determines the price of this breed remains its gender and classification. You may have to pay about $50,000 for female care in the F1 category, for example.

11. Maine Coon – $1,000

Maine Coon cat cute cats pink cat

Maine Coon  is a New England native cat. it has large tufted ears and a shaggy coat. This lovely cat pet is reputed for its mouse hunting skills and its ability to adapt to the extremely cold weather of the US northeast. Maine Coon cat is very intelligent and large enough to weigh 20 pounds or more. Maine Coons cat attain their full size between three and five years, and they are affable and good-natured.

This type of cat adapts easily to lifestyles and personalities and gets used to people in a short period of time. While males often behave silly or prone to entertaining antics, females of this breed tend to be more cultured or dignified in their behaviors. Family with kids and cat-friendly dogs would find the laid-back and friendly Maine Coon cat amazing.

10. British Shorthair – $800 to $1,000

british shorthair cat breeds

Apart from being a great-to-watch cat, British shorthair cat breeds tend to be adaptable, affectionate, and attached to their owners. This cat breed easily mingles and socializes with other pets in the household, including humans. But tends to resist being carried about. British Shorthair cat is said to have its origin in the Roman Empire and it is well known for its hunting abilities and strength, although the modern breed of this cat tends to be a little bit clumsy. The earliest members of this breed came out of the UK street cats. Breeders say that this breed is resilient to many diseases and health issues.

This cat breed is adorable and more rounded than its American counterpart. It comes in several beautiful colors, and the cat is known for its copper eyes, bluish-gray fur, and wide face. This breed earns its place in the list of the most expensive cat breeds as it would cost you around  $800 to $1,000 to get a British Shorthair kitten. Usually, this cat breed is not energetic or active but easy-going and laidback, and it loves showing affection to people.

9. American Wirehair – $1200

American Wirehair

American Wirehair, a quintessential American cat breed, is the outcome of the 1966 spontaneous mutation which occurred among farm cats in upstate New York, and its wirehaired coat sets it aside from other breeds. This beautiful cat is quite easy to cater to and also resilient to diseases, a condition that has made it the favorite cat for cat lovers and serious breeders.

This breed shares the friendly traits of the American Shorthair and it is playful, affectionate, adaptable, clownish, and good-natured. Also, the American Wirehair cat is very smart and enjoys playing with both interactive and puzzle toys. It has the habit of moving around the household with people and easily socialize with visitors. Except in spring when the cat tends to shed its winter coat, you really don’t have to comb or brush its hairs because the breed always appears healthy. The breed easily mingles with children and other pets within the household.

8. American Curl – $1,200

American Curl

The American Curl is an affectionate and playful cat breed. It is quite popular among cat lovers. Its silk flat-lying coat, expressive eyes, medium-sized rectangular body, and curling ears are the physical traits that differentiate it from other cat breeds.

Its origin dates back to a stray black female cat adopted by Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California, around 1981. The stray black female cat had long hair and funny ears and the coupled named it ‘Shulamith.’ All American Curls can be traced back to this long-air and funny-ears feline.

American Curls’ trademark curly ears are caused by random mutation and they are very affectionate towards humans and other cat breeds. Although this cat breed is not very vocal, it remains an intelligent breed. But, be prepared to have this cat groomed since all long-haired cats like the American Curl need plenty of grooming.

7. Russian Blue – $3,000

Russian Blue cat

The Russian Blue cat is a beautiful cat breed that easily attracts people with its gorgeous green eyes and silvery blue coat. Also, it tends to be a perfect pet for every household, due to its playful and smart gesture. Russian Blue cats aren’t only loyal to their owners but also adjust quickly to their moods. Although a little bit shy with strangers, these cats socialize easily with their owners, but each kitten could be as expensive as $3,000. However, the cost of maintaining these lovely cats isn’t high at all.

Also knows as ‘the Archangel cat,’ the origin of this cat breed may be traced to Archangel, a city in Russia. Little was known about this breed until England introduced it to the rest of the world in 1875. Russian Blue cats tend to be reserved towards strangers. But, despite their cold personality, the cats usually seem happy because of the shape of their mouth which always wears a small smile.

6. Scottish Fold – $3,000

Scottish Fold cat

William Ross, a shepherd in Tayside, a region in Scotland saw this cat in a farm in 1961. He got a kitten and developed the breed. What he developed then is now what is generally known as the Scottish Fold, a cat breed that is known for its flexible ears. Its flexible ears, which tend to fold downward and forward, gave the cat a teddy bear, owl, or pixie face, and this continues to attract many cat lovers in the United States.

Its folded ears, which have now become the breed’s trademark, came because of a dominant gene that has strongly affected the cartilage of the cat’s overall body. Although these cats tend to come with a sad-looking appearances, they have a happy and energetic personality, and they love socializing and attention. But, unfortunately, this breed has health issues and can be affected negatively by degenerative joint tissues.

5. Sphynx – $3,000


The Sphynx cat breed is known for its hairless look due to natural genetic mutation, is a healthy and strong breed. Its origin dates back to 1966 when a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten in Toronto, Canada. Known for its high resilient ability to all serious genetic and health issues, this cat breed is loyal, wise, and playful. Sphynx cats love human attention and they mingle easily with other cat breeds and dogs.

The Sphynx cats didn’t come from Egypt, as some people erroneously believed. They are native to Canada and they love socializing with both animals and humans, including strangers. But, because they tend to have body oils piled up on their skin, you have to bathe them very often. And, always remember that these cats are not comfortable outdoors.

4. Peterbald – $5,000

Peterbald cat

Peterbald cat is an elegant Russian breed. some of them are hairless while others have a coat that has the look of a peach. some come with a velvety coat, others have hair that resembles a man’s bristly beard. This breed of cats was documented in 1998 after reports showed that a cat with an unusual coat was spotted in Russia. This was how Peterbalds were taken to other European countries, and these cats are delightful pets everyone would like to have.

Mating between a Russian Donskoy and an Oriental Shorthair resulted in the first Peterbald. Its dominant gene makes the breed hairless, just like the Donskoy cat. Being a smart and affectionate cat, this Peterbald cat can rest peacefully on your lap. Children may have to handle the cat carefully because of their very sensitive skin. However, this breed may not stay outdoors for long because it is susceptible to sunburn.

3. Persian – $5,500

Persian cat

A few reports indicated that this cat breed date back to the 19th century but historically, Persian cats had existed hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. They have open pansy-like faces and luxurious-looking long hairs. This gentle and sweet cat breed easily adapts in households, including noisy ones. By nature, The Persian cats are playful and they come with cute and delightful eyes. But, because of their vulnerable-to-hairballs long coat, intricate and thorough maintenance is required.

The Persian cat can be easily identified by its mushy face and fluffy hair. It loves affection and cuddling. Its furry coat needs to be groomed daily. This cat breed tends to vary their colors, but with an average weight similar to an American Shorthair.

2. Bengal – $25,000

Bengal cat

This cat breed comes with a feral or exotic look but it remains an ideal feline for most households. Its spotted coat and muscular build tend to distinguish it from other cat breeds. Its origin dated the back to the early 1970s when a wild Asian leopard was made to mate with domestic shorthairs. The Bengal is an active, smart, and fun pet to be with. But, due to their deep curiosity, keeping Bengal cats at home could be a challenge. They could jump into aquariums, play with stitches, hang on chandeliers, or engage in other antics.

Compared to other breeds, the Bengal cats are very large in size and this can be Tracee to their feral origins. To buy a gorgeous Bengal with the right pedigree, generation, and coat quality, be prepared to spend up to $25,000. This energetic and extremely playful cat breed is affectionate, social, and friendly to both children and dogs.

1. The Ashera – $125,000

The Ashera cat

This is a rare breed of cat. You may have to spend up to $125,000 to buy a kitten of this rare breed. A Los Angeles firm that specializes in this breed of cats only produces 5 kittens every year. Ashera, a rare cat breed that has the look of a snow leopard, has the behavior and temperament that resembles that of Savannah cats. And, some experts, after series of genetic tests were carried out, concluded that this cat breed is simply the Savannah F1 cats.

Being a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat, a domestic housecat, and the African serval, the Ashera is a loyal, affectionate, and intelligent cat breed. The controversy around its genetics seems not strong enough to cut its price. The Ashera breed remains the most prized pet cat around the world. Ready its astronomical price and you’ll have one of these cats.