12 Most Expensive Cats Ever Sold

Cats rank high in the list of most preferred pets in the United States. Statistics show that  47.1 million households in the US are adopting a pet feline. Cats rank just behind pet dogs which are kept by 60.2 million households in the country.

Below we listed you the top 12 most expensive cats ever sold around the world.

12. Savannah – $50,000

savannah cat

Savannah cat is a hybrid of a wild African serval cat and a domestic Persian cat. A Bengal breeder, Judee Frank came up with the first Savannah in 1986 and it was accepted by breeder associations in the mid-1990s. Savannah cat is very loyal to its owners, just like dogs. And, if well trained from a tender age, Savannah cat can socialize well with strangers and other pets.

Savannahs tend to growl or hiss if they are not used to strangers. Being a strong and agile breed of cats, Savannahs can jump easily onto high cabinets, door stops, and refrigerators. Also, they are smart, playful, active, and curious cats.

Savannah cat may be classified into five categories: F1 to F5. While F1 cats have about 50% serval trait, F5 comes with only 11%. What determines the price of this breed remains its gender and classification. You may have to pay about $50,000 for female care in the F1 category, for example.

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