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15 Most Expensive States to Live in the US (2024)

Some states are very expensive as hell! and if you want to live in one of them, you will have to stretch your paycheck a little bit or move out to the cheapest ones like Mississippi where the cost of living index is 86.1 with the lowest housing index. kiwiwell lists  America’s 15 most expensive states to live in in 2024.

The most expensive states to live in the U.S

15. Nevada

tax in Nevada

It is true that there is no income tax in Nevada. But, living in the state is getting expensive over the years. Currently, according to U.S. News & World Report, housing cost in Nevada is the 5th most expensive in the country.

14. New Hampshire

income tax
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Although the cost of living is being moderated in the state, New Hampshire is still an expensive state to live in. But, it has a 5% state income tax and this is fairly okay, compared to some other states.

13. Washington

The Cost of living in Washington

The Cost of living in Washington is very high and you may blame Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and a number of companies for it. These companies made the cost of living in Washington to go up. At present, Washington is ranked as the fourth most expensive state in the country, especially on housing costs.

12. Maine

Income tax in Maine
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Residents in Maine are charged before they can live in the state. The income tax in Maine is 7.15%. And, as a result of this, Maine ranks high in the list of worst states to live in the United States. Statistics made available by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) showed that health care costs in Maine are significantly higher than what is available in other states within the country.

11. Vermont

Vermont USA
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On the quality of life, Vermont is one of the most ranked states in the United States. But, residents pay for all that happiness. State income tax is pegged at 8.75%, on average. The gasoline tax per gallon is close to 31 cents.

10. Rhode Island

gasoline tax

The Cost of living is high in Rhode Island, like its Northeastern neighbors. Its gasoline tax is pegged at 34¢ per gallon, and a median house in the state is valued at $282,600. Rhode Island has a red-hot housing market, and its economy is amazing too.

9. New Jersey

housing in new jersey

On housing alone, New Jersey is ranked as one of the most expensive states in the country. Always referred to as the Garden State, New Jersey is close to New York City and Philadelphia. The value of a median home in New Jersey is pegged at $327,700, and an average person in the country may not be able to afford it. Also, the individual income tax rate is 10.75%, as well as a 41¢ gas tax. But, apart from that, New Jersey houses five top educational systems in the United States.

8. Connecticut

Connecticut state

Connecticut looks pretty cool but has a high cost of living, just like its New England neighbor. Residents pay more for housing and food in the state, more than in states in the country. Also, residents pay more in taxes. Only property taxes are pegged at 2%. Other taxes could go up to 7%. All these costs put together may be too much for an average American.

7. Alaska

tax in Alaska

Alaska has spectacular scenery and a natural environment. Being a beautiful state, people are easily attracted to living in the state. The cost of living in Alaska is pretty high, and you’ll have to pay more for groceries, health, utilities, and housing. What you pay in Alaska is more than what is paid in most parts of the States. However, people who live in The Last Frontier enjoy tax breaks since there is nothing like state income tax or sales tax in the state.

6. Oregon

Housing in Oregon state

Oregon, being a state along the West Coast, is really expensive to live in. Its beachfront housing package is valued at around $350,000. This housing cost is really more than what an average American can afford. Also, the Oregon economy is quite amazing. This makes the cost of living very high. But residents easily bear it because of the amazing economy of the state.

5. Maryland


Already referred to as the suburb of the nation’s capital, Maryland has a number of large cities of its own. And, housing cost throughout the state is on the high. Except for healthcare that is cheap, housing cost is very expensive, more than an average American can afford. Also, the cost of living in the state is high.

4. Massachusetts

Gaz tax in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has the smartest homes in the United States. Its top-rated educational system ranks it as one of the leading states in the country. Also, it’s a home for many of the top higher education institutions in the States. But, the cost of living in Massachusetts is higher, and you’ll pay more for housing, healthcare, and sports. And, you will pay a 5.05% income tax rate as well as about 27¢ gas tax.

3. New York

New York

New York is the home of real estate. A good number of amazing houses fill up the state but these houses are just too expensive. On average, a median home in the state is valued at $301,000. Statistics also say that people who live in New York spend more than the average American, especially on groceries, transportation, and other costs.

2. California

Taxes in California

In California, housing and transportation costs are more than the national average, including the steep state income and gasoline taxes. Living in the state becomes very expensive. Already regarded as the Golden State, California houses many of the most expensive cities across the United States.

1. Hawaii


The high cost of housing and shipping has made Hawaii an expensive place to live in. the state looks like paradise and you will find everything you need right in there but things will cost you plenty of money. Currently, Hawaii is ranked as one of the most expensive places to live on Earth. And, the 11% income tax in the state, as well as about 47¢ gas tax, makes things worse.