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Seven Most Popular Sites For Free Education

Seven awesome sites for free online education

When one gets a good education, one gets opened up to various opportunities in society. This makes education a necessary asset for everyone. At this age, we can be said to be privileged. Here is what I mean, we are not left to always budget huge amounts to be able to get access to knowledge. The internet has been instrumental in providing access to a wide range of information for free.

Once you are dedicated to what you seek, you do not have many hindrances to getting access to that knowledge you need. Kiwiwell brought you platforms where you can sign up and get started with learning.

Open Culture Online Courses

open culture

Open Culture’s listing of free online education courses provides access to people who are looking to start their online learning journey. By signing up, you get to access up to 1,200 lectures, videos, and podcasts from various formal education centers in the world. Once you are registered, you are given access to these learning resources in your area of interest. They will save you the stress of having to surf sites belonging to individual schools. They have everything handy for you.

Academic Earth

academic earth

One of the things that will push some away from seeking online classes is not knowing the quality of knowledge you will be getting. Academic Earth includes courses from the best institutions you know such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. This should be able to reassure you when you go looking. They have also simplified the process to enable you to navigate easily while going about your business.



This is another option for anyone looking for an online source for varieties of courses that might be one’s dream. This promises to meet the taste of individuals that might want to get involved with them. This can be the deal for you.

University Of the People

university of the people

Before you start thinking of enrolling here, you will have to make sure of your English speaking skills. Most of the services on this platform is free but you will have to make some payments for the exams. You can look for grants from this university if you want to get access to free education. And for the cost of getting involved with this school, it depends on where you live.


ted education

You must have heard about or even seen one or two of the TED Talks. This is the same group that has provided a platform for various inspirational and mind-moving talks. And from what you might have seen from the TED Talk site, you should be convinced that TED-Ed will be no less inspiring. The employment of some creative approaches has made this platform ideal. You will not have to be worried about boring or monotonous sessions. They have their curriculum well planned to keep you absorbed.



With the relationship that Coursera has established with their affiliate institutions, they have been able to make the learning experience more intriguing. They have made it possible for students who learn online to be able to have sessions with some of the scholars in other institutions. These institutions get to make some of their publications available to the students online. Varieties of courses are made available from different institutions.

Khan Academy

khan academy

In this age of technology, we all know how helpful YouTube can be these days. You might have learned how to fix that faulty television set from YouTube. Khan Academy had started from this page. An MIT and Harvard graduate had filmed some educational video for his cousin. This eventually ends up on YouTube and today, it has become one large provider of educational services. The user-friendly site has contributed to wide growth. There are also varieties of courses available for everyone.