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Proof That You Should Never Believe Your Own Eyes

Do you believe what you see with your own eyes? if yes, do you believe the monsters that you are about to see in this photo sequence?

Our vision sometimes makes us see things that don’t really exist. and this GIF is a perfect example to demonstrate this to you.

All you’re required to do is to look straight in the center of the image below, without glancing away. You’ll observe that your eyes turn people’s faces looks into those of monsters we see in science fiction films

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As faces begin to twist, and the longer you look in the center of the GIF, the greater the distortion. Why does it happen?

Well, we all have a yellow spot in the retina of our eye which is composed of eye receptors by which we receive things when we see them. and when we direct our eyes to a certain thing, our eyes only cover 10% of our entire field of vision.

In this GIF, Our eyes are directed towards the empty spot where there is a dark place with a white cross in it, which is the main field of vision, and at the same time, our brain receives moving things in the form of images outside of the main field of vision.

The images out of the field of vision are hard for our brain to perceive, therefore they’re unreliable. so what it does is that it combines every two images into one image and tries to decode the image in very fast-moving shot sequences. and because of the speed of this sequence, our brain collects features from different faces and combines them into one image as a whole and that’s why we end up seeing strange faces.