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20 Strange Royalty Rules Kate Middleton Has To Follow

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It’s no secret that the British royals have a strong attachment to their traditions, but some of their practices, better described as “rules,” can be quite peculiar to commoners. Take, for example, the curious custom that requires Kate Middleton to halt her meal as soon as Queen Elizabeth finishes, even if it means leaving just a single bite untouched. This is just one example of the seemingly outlandish rules that govern their lives.

Most of these traditions have been passed down through centuries within the royal family, but many of them seem rather outdated in today’s world. For instance, did you know that the game Monopoly is strictly forbidden within the royal family? It may sound like these rules are relics from the past that the Queen hasn’t bothered to change, considering there are more pressing matters than tiny thimbles and fake pink money in Buckingham Palace.

Nonetheless, it remains intriguing to think that these are the protocols that dictate the daily life of the Duchess of Cambridge. One can only imagine the challenges Meghan Markle faced when she became part of the royal family.

Are you interested in some unusual royal British trivia? Here are the genuinely bizarre rules that Kate adheres to, dispelling the notion that her life revolves solely around designer dresses and blowouts.

20.No Autographs

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Kate Middleton’s rise to celebrity status was meteoric, catapulted into the public eye upon her entry into the royal family. Despite her newfound fame, she finds herself in a unique position, unable to indulge in one common celebrity practice: signing autographs for her adoring fans. Due to royal protocol, Kate is strictly permitted to sign only official documents that have been granted approval by the Queen herself. This adherence to tradition showcases the utmost respect for the monarchy’s formalities and safeguards against any potential misuse of her signature. As an influential figure and future queen consort, she gracefully embraces her role in representing the crown while cherishing unwavering support from the public, even if it means forgoing certain conventional celebrity privileges.

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