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30 Years Later: Rubble Becomes The Oldest Cat In The World

Michele Foster Got Rubble In 1988 But She Never Knew That She Would Celebrate His Birthday 30 Years Later When He Became The Oldest Cat In The World.

This is Rubble, an eye-popping 30-year-old British white cat. He lives in Exeter, England with Michele Foster, his owner. Back then in May 1988, when Michele clocked 20, she got this tiny kitten for her 20th birthday.

Rubble has been an amazing gift indeed! Michele said that all these years, Rubble has been a wonderful companion for her and he has been very loving, loyal, and compassionate. She said she has always pampered him like a child, and this has contributed to his longevity.

The cat is relatively healthy but he is free from high blood pressure. Dr. Shawn Moore of City Vets always gives medical attention to the cat and ensures that he remains stable and healthy. Rubble may be the oldest cat in the UK at present and he is really doing fine. Dr. Moore said that the cat is currently on medication for blood pressure but his health condition is amazing.

Michele, while speaking on whether she would like her cat’s name to appear in Guinness World Records, said that Rubble still has plenty of life to live. She said they were not planning to go the route of the Guinness World Record because she did not know whether Rubble would like seeing lots of people or the fuss that go with such records. For Michele, Rubble is old now and may not tolerate too much attention. So, she believed that they would want Rubble to enjoy his old age in peace and rest of mind.

Cream Puff, the previous holder of Guinness Record of oldest kitty, lived for 38 years and 3 days. True, the lifespan of the adorable Rubble cannot be ascertained but Michele Foster, his owner, will give him all the attention he deserves all the days of his life.

While domestic house cats live between 15 and 20 years and their outdoor counterparts live between 2 and 9 years, Rubble has attained the age of 30 and this is very remarkable.

As Rubble clocks 30, we wish him good health and amazing days ahead.

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