Say No To These Everyday Foods That Take Your Life Slowly


We all love food and truth be told, we love to throw anything seemingly sweet or delicious into our mouth. however, there are some foods you should completely avoid whether they are delicious or not. Some of them contain chemicals that are harmful to your body system and could contribute to giving you diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and a host of others.

You might have heard that certain foods are not good for you.  Another name for these foods that are silently killing you is what doctors refer to as “death foods”. Here are 14 everyday foods you would never think are slowly killing you and the reasons why.

14. Sugar


doctors say sugar is the number one enemy to all humanity. This sweet toxin causes a spike in blood sugar levels causing diabetes, insulin sensitivity, and stress to the pancreas. That’s not all; sugar has been known to be the cause of aging, cancer, and other diseases. Sugar can increase your triglyceride levels resulting in heart disease. So instead of taking sugary drinks or drinks with sweeteners, go for water or teas. In all, reduce sugar intake. Avoid it if possible.