Say No To These Everyday Foods That Take Your Life Slowly

 1. Wheat

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Wheat is sufficiently infused in food products like bread and also used in preparing other baked food products.

Wheat is a source of carbohydrate known as amylopectin-A. This substance can cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels way more than any other food on earth. An increase in blood sugar level consequently causes an overproduction of insulin by the pancreatic cells. As time goes on, the pancreas ends up worn out and stressed leading to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Dr. Williams Davis identifies wheat as a chronic poison as it also contains a protein known as gluten. Gluten is known to cause about 55 diseases with cancer, heart disease, IBS, and other autoimmune diseases being inclusive.

Wheat also contains compounds like phytates which obstructs macro minerals absorption. Examples of these minerals include zinc, iron, calcium, and others. This could end up causing a mineral deficiency.

Now you are familiar with the foods that are of no essential value to your body. some of these foods are well known as American classics – however, the risk they pose does not worth them being added to your daily diet. Instead of taking these favorites, consider alternatives like organic grass-fed butter in place of margarine or whole grain bread in lieu of white bread. These foods are not only delicious but also far healthier for your body.