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Early Signs That Show a Stroke In Women, and It’s Really Important to Know Them

stroke signs in women

You know stroke, right? Yeah! We all do. A situation that old people should be worried about. You know, losing your tooth, climbing the stairs very slowly, developing creaky joints and all those.

Guess what? A lot has changed. Your ability to type so fast on messenger and run quickly across the stairs doesn’t mean that you are not susceptible to this heart and blood vessel condition that’s so common.

Let’s discuss reality: strokes are increasingly ravishing young women too. Yeah! You heard that right. Stroke has become common among young age women. The deadly health condition has been rated as the third killer condition in the U.S. (doubling the rate of breast cancer-related deaths in women). Statistics point to the fact that 35 percent of these stroke cases happen to women below 65.

Well, women are more susceptible to being affected by stroke, thanks to hormones. Nicole Weinberg, M.D., a California-based cardiologist is of the opinion that “Higher hormone levels will compromise the integrity of blood vessels.” She has further stated that “they affect how the vessels stretch and contract, making them more vulnerable to arterial dissection and blood clots.”

Whatever the case may be, all levels of stroke require immediate medical attention. A stroke is an emergency. It is ideal getting to a medical expert within three hours of first noticing it. Your time of getting an expert look into your case determines your possibility of survival.

The major problem, however, is that many women don’t know any symptoms of strokes, and as such do not have the slightest idea when they should see a doctor. Even more complicated is the fact that early stroke symptoms may differ in younger women. Below we’ve enlisted some of the symptoms of strokes common in almost all cases.

General Stroke Symptoms

9. Noticing that your face doesn’t just look it.

stroke signs

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Oftentimes, you may just get this numb feeling in your face. Like noticing a level of unresponsiveness on some part of your mouth when you smile. This is the earliest symptom that most stroke patients experience, according to the CDC. It is common for people to ignore this sign, but you shouldn’t, especially if it comes combined with other symptoms on this list.

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