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Tesla’s Solar Project Is Turning Saltwater Into Drinking Water For Thousands Of Kenyans

Tesla’s first solar-powered desalination plant is finally set up and working in Kenya! this project is the first of its kind in Africa, where the majority of countries lack adequate drinking water.


The project was installed by a non-profit organization called Give Power and it’s the first solar-powered desalination plant in Kenya.

the plant will provide 35,000 people with clean water every day, about 20,000 gallons of adequate water.

Many countries around the world can’t afford to have clean water to drink because the process of ocean desalination is expensive, but thanks to Tesla’s innovative technology in this field, they can now easily afford panels and batteries to generate power and get clean water.


The president of Give Power, Mr. Hayes Bernard, told Business Insider¬† that “you have to find a way to pull water out of the ocean in a scalable way, in a sustainable way”

Bernard’s goal is to create more projects like this one around the world and help people drink clean and fresh water without a struggle.


The non-profit charges locals a penny per gallon of fresh drinking water, a price considered acceptable by people who suffer from polluted water for years.

Over the past five years, people in Northern Kenya have been facing a dreadful drought combined with the rise of sea levels, which led people to resort to drinking highly contaminated water from salty wells.

Hayes Bernard, the president of the non-profit, hopes the locals will transport water to the neighboring villages and hotels and make some money doing so.


The project costs about $500.000 and is expected to generate that amount of money within the five years to come. once the amount is collected, Give Power will use it to build another project.  Hayes Bernard is working on cutting the construction cost to $100.000 per plant so they can construct more projects like this in the near future.