The 12 years goal for action on climate change could be altered, experts claim.

Scientists have claimed that the 12 years goal for addressing global warming could change yet again.
One scientist for the UN said; “If we don’t take action, then in 12 years we will have to explain why the world hasn’t ended and come up with a new number.” He went on to claim; “This is a very serious threat, and we urge everyone to hand control of the economy to the government immediately before we have no more time left to change the timeline again.”
Scientists agree that in 10-12 years, the planet will be given new depressing climate change predictions. However, these dark predictions can be avoided if governments from around the world restructure their economies and embrace socialism according to an independent source.
Al Gore said; “Should we not change our ways, our old predictions will melt, dangerously raising the chance of us having to move the goalposts again.” The former U.S presidential candidate went on to say; “Do you really want me to write another book, film another movie, and go on another tour in my private jet just because you dingbats couldn’t be bothered to alter your lifestyles? I don’t think so. Let’s all get on board with this 12-year figure, or we’ll have to push back the date again.”