Ranked: The Cheapest States To Live In America

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Being financially comfortable and living in a place you admire, and can afford, shows that you’re living the American dream lifestyle.

America’s economy is turbocharged. People migrate so easily from one state to the other, in a bid to find better job opportunities, a lower tax haven, and places where their families can access a better quality of life.

States in the U.S. have varied costs of living. In urban areas, for example, exorbitant expenses on housing, food, and taxes await you. Companies can easily attract workers from a state that has a low cost of living. The cost of Living ranks high among the 7 categories considered for our competitive rankings.

The 2018 Annual Average Cost of Living Index by the Council for Community and Economic Research was used to compute and analyze the average prices for basic items in all the states, including each state’s most expensive area. Here are the cheapest 8 states to live in America in 2019.