Ranked: The Cheapest States To Live In America

5. Michigan

You will like to grill some buggers in the Great Lakes State. Michigan is reputed as an outdoor paradise. And, a family picnic in Grand Rapids would be very amazing. Per pound, you will pay only $3.78 on ground beef, against its $5.17 cost in Reno, Nevada. A ten-ounce bag of potato chips is about $3, or 30% less than its price in New Haven, Connecticut. Just $8 will be paid in Michigan for a six-pack of beer, compared to over $12 in Rochester, New York.

2019 Cost of Living Score: 47/50

Most Expensive Area: Grand Rapids

Average Home Price: $288,912

Half Gallon of Milk: $1.77

Ribeye Steak: $10.45

Monthly Energy Bill: $165.99

Doctor Visit: $96.94