Ranked: The Cheapest States To Live In America

2. Indiana

It is pretty fine to live in Indiana, the Crossroads of America. Prices of gas in Indianapolis are about 25% lesser than what applies in Bellingham, Washington. Also, the cost of getting your ride serviced is very affordable in the state. To balance a set of four tires, you will pay only $38.87, compared to about $52 that will be paid in Ames, Iowa. A movie ticket in Indiana goes for about $11, compared to $14 that is charged in Chicago.

2019 Cost of Living Score: 44/50

Most Expensive Area: Indianapolis

Average Home Price: $250,625

Half Gallon of Milk: $1.51

Ribeye Steak: $11.80

Monthly Energy Bill: $194.40

Doctor Visit: $93.91