These 10 Animals Will Go Extinct Before Your Children Grow Up

A whole lot of species are being discovered in our vast and complex world. Although these creatures look exciting and amazing, our increasing human population, habitat destruction, climate change, hunting and the over-exploration of wildlife threaten the survival of these animals and push them to the edge of extinction.

Scientists say that about 4 billion species have existed all through the course of the Earth’s history.

Already, if humans were not in the picture, the natural extinction rate, also known as the background rate, has described how fast plants, mammals, birds, and insects would die. Today, because of human actions, species disappear at almost 1,000 times faster than the natural rate. This means we lose about 200 species per day.

It is not easy to choose animals that could possibly go extinct before your children will group up to see them.

We couldn’t but leave other countless animals that are faced with similar depressing circumstances just because we want to pick only 10 species. But, it should be known, that many species that are not known to science may also perish in a few years to come.

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