This Is What The President Donald Trump Eats

Donald Trump Is A Big Fan Of KFC

It is said that McDonald’s leads the way, and KFC follows. And, when one considers the lists of the president’s favorite foods, one will agree straight away. Trump, in less heady days of mid-2016, tweeted a photo of himself. In the photo, the president was on his personal jet, and he was chowing a veritable banquet of KFC. In a subsequent investigation, The Washington Post showed an amazing deal about the president’s meal.

The investigation revealed that Trump’s $20 Fill-Up bucket can feed a small group of people. And, in addition to that, his use of a stainless steel knife, fork, and spoon were described as pointless and laughable. Likewise, his choice of reading material with the meal attracted mixed reactions. The material he was reading was said to be a letter sent by senate democrats to President Obama, where the former president was urged to accept more Syrian refugees into the States. President Trump was reading the letter in The Wall Street Journal.

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