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Tiger Cub Rejected By His Mother Finds Friendship In A Puppy

Age, race, religion, and ethnicity differentiate us but can’t stop us from being friends! At the end of it all, our bond of friendship is strengthened by this array of differences.

Hunter, a Bengal tiger cub, and Chelsea, a German Pointer, are apparently different from each other but the bond of friendship they share is quite amazing. Despite their perceived differences, they have remained as the best of friends, and that’s really amazing.

Hunter is three years younger than Chelsea and Anthea Michaletos, a 22-year old boy, takes care of both animals. Anthea and the two animals, who have become best friends, are currently in Pretoria, South Africa.

Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother Finds Friendship In A Puppy

Hunter’s Sad Start In Life

Everything looks good for Hunter and Chelsea at the moment. But Hunter never had a decent beginning like Chelsea. His life started in the Farm Inn Wildlife and his mother was mean and aggressive towards him. Not long was he born when his mother became hostile towards him and he had to be separated straightaway.

A Cute Little Cub

Perhaps, Hunter was born when his mother felt compromised and thought it was right to reject him. Anthea believed that Hunter might eventually lose his life if nothing was done. His mother was so hostile that she could sniff life out of him. So, intervention became necessary and he was separated from his mother.

Rowdy Type Of Friendship

Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother Finds Friendship In A Puppy

Life looks funny at times. It can pull you down and also lift you up. Hunter, after his dangerous and pitiable experiences, has got a unique gift to share— a gift of friendship!

Hunter and Chelsea became friends when the people at the Sanctuary introduced them to each other. Friendship often turns rowdy but the two animals are inseparable at the moment. Chelsea tends to reach out to Hunter to say hello each time Anthea allows him to leave his cage. Just like a wrestling match, Chelsea would push Hunter and Hunter would jump over his friend.

Rowdy scenes occur at times between the dog and the cub.

Healthy Friendship At Present

No other cub lives in Hunter’s litter. So, he can easily interact with other animals. So, he would be happy to interact with another four-legged friend. Chelsea isn’t just a four-legged animal like Hunter but shares similar experiences with the cub.

Companionship cannot be substituted. Chelsea is always sad when he is to be separated from Hunter since both animals have different cages.

Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother Finds Friendship In A Puppy

No Forever

The two animals still play together because they are still young. Hunter has to be separated from Chelsea once it is six months old. Chelsea’s life may be in jeopardy if this is not done. Most times, according to Anthea, Hunter usually targets Chelsea’s throat when both animals wrestle and, if they are not separated, Hunter may go ahead to kill Chelsea one day.

At present, Chelsea does not feel hurt each time Hunter became rowdy. But, the dog tends to cry when it becomes uncomfortable. Interestingly, the instances above have not been recorded yet.

This friendship can only last for six months. And, soon after, there is a tendency for the animals to play hard and this may result in severe harm for the dog. So, this fond friendship between Hunter and Chelsea can’t be forever.