Top Home High-tech Electronic Devices on The Market

We live in an era of high-tech gadgets for our homes which can be frustrating to get your head around especially when it comes to choosing the right device for you and your pocket. Technology is evolving all the time so it’s important to do some research before you buy it. There are many big names to choose from such as; Samsung, Phillips, Nest, Google, and Amazon.

Here are the top 6 electronic devices for your home.

1. Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus is a popular choice as it’s one of the best smart home hubs on the market. It’s well known that Amazon pioneered the smart home revolution that has made life around the home much easier over the past few years with its Echo speaker which encouraged Google, Apple, and Samsung to manufacture similar devices. Their best Echo so far is the 2nd Generation Echo Plus which is manufactured to deal with thousands of voice commands to make playing your favorite music (with Amazon’s ultimate Echo speaker) much easier as well as keeping you up to date with the latest weather! You won’t require any other hubs either as the Echo Plus has its own smart hub! As with most devices these days, they are compatible with Alexa!

2. Nest Learning Thermostat E

One of the top devices of high-tech thermostats is the Nest Thermostat E. It possesses all of the features of the first Nest, but this one is manufactured with higher quality materials and promises a “less vivid” display. The Nest Learning Thermostat E works fine with other Nest devices such as the Nest Protect and Nest security gadgets. It is easy to use and you can connect the Nest E to a wide range of heating systems. It is also capable of understanding your family’s usual heating pattern which makes heating the home much cheaper.

3. Phillips Hue

Phillips is a world leader in smart lighting and their Hue range offers high-quality lighting for homeowners. It is a much-improved app that makes lighting your home much easier. It has Alexa and Google Assistant voice control which can easily be managed with many other apps. Hue is compatible with other devices such as HomeKit and SmartThings and possesses a large range of bulbs. Hue is currently leading the world on smart lighting!

4. Sonos

Well known for its reliable, high-tech wireless audio, Sonos is a world leader along with Amazon and Phillips. It is well worth the expensive price tag if you can afford it! All the speakers generate a high-quality sound that makes playing music a great pleasure. Sonos works well with Google Assistant and Alexa and is capable of being connected to cloud music providers such as Spotify and Deezer.

5. iRobot Roomba 17

It’s that time of the year where smart vacuum cleaners are everywhere! Brands such as Neato, Dyson, and Eufy dominate the market and offer high-quality smart vacuum cleaners for your home. Offering the very best in navigational intelligence cleaning, the iRobot Roomba is at the top of the market. Due to its attractive, compact design which has a bigger collection compartment, the 17 performs well on hard surfaces and carpets. You can instruct it to clean the rooms you want and leave the ones you don’t.

6. Smarter Coffee

All coffee lovers should consider buying this gadget! It’s well ahead of other brands and works perfectly with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. The app comes with gives you the ability to perform many tasks, such as making your coffee from your bed every morning!