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It’s Official: Going on a Trip With Your Girlfriends Is Good for Your Health, According to Science

Trip With Your Girlfriends

Most people eat nourishing meals or visit the gym just because they want to stay fit and healthy. These habits are quite amazing but there are more fun and quick ways to stay healthy.

Look at travelling for example. People don’t usually take vacations very serious. In 2015 alone, Americans failed to take 658 million vacation days partly because of the cost involved or the demands of their jobs. Mini breaks and vacations with friends are actually amazing and refreshing too.

Benefits Of Keeping Close Friends

Southern Living revealed that your overall mental and physical well-being had much to do with the trips you made with your girlfriends. With your girlfriend by your side, you will surely be refreshed especially after energy-sapping roles you play at work. Even at that, you can get all the motivation you need to remain healthy when you’re around your loved ones.

That’s not the first time people have been told that a good social network or travelling could help their health. Mayo Clinic had earlier said that you will not feel lonely when you are surrounded by a group of close friends. With your cute close friends by your side, you surely can overcome the ugly experiences of your life, boost your overall happiness, and reduce every anxiety that wants to pull down the fabrics of your life.

You know that a happy social life can boost your health in so many ways. Corroborating this, Mayo Clinic affirmed that close friends can help you reduce the risk of depression, high blood pressure, and unhealthy body mass index. These health issues usually result in fatal consequences but you don’t have to face them when you have your close pals around you.

For psychologist William Chopin of Michigan University, your well-being and health will be improved when you begin to keep your good friends around you. This shows that you just have to invest in friendship if you want to remain happy and healthy.

If you were to check on people with poorer health conditions like cognitive decline and depression, you will realize that they don’t have close connections with their friends.


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Where Travel Comes In

Forbes has shown that women who went on vacation were less depressed than those who didn’t go for it. The report further said that they live happily with their spouses because the vacation had significant improvement on their mood, productivity, and creativity.

When you turn down every vacation opportunity as a woman, you are increasing your risk of contracting heart disease and death. It was reported too that travelling can help a man reduce the risk of death by 21 per cent.

The need to travel with your good friends by your side has been extensively stressed because it comes with a myriad of health benefits. You don’t have to wait any longer. Choose a destination, grab your girlfriend, pack your bags, and off you go. Travelling with friends surely offers a health boost.