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Top 12 U.S. Islands to Explore in 2024: Passport-Free Getaways for Unforgettable Adventures

Are you searching for somewhere to go on vacation, but don’t want the hassle of messing around with passports, different currencies, etc? Well, here’s some good news, the United States has many islands that you can visit without needing any passport, visa, or currency exchange!

U.S. Islands to check out without a passport

12. American Samoa

Located deep in the South Pacific, Samoa boasts many gorgeous beaches, colorful coral reefs, and tropical rainforests. There are many places to stay such as in resorts located on the beach or in other locations unique to Samoa. You can learn about Samoa’s customs and traditions in the Cultural Village located on the island of Apia. You can also do some hiking to the wonderful Papapapaitai Falls. Don’t worry about transportation! Samoa Shipping provides water transport between the islands of Upolu and Savaii.

11. Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is a favorite with US nationals and is guaranteed not to disappoint! Maui is fortunate to have a year-round tropical climate making outdoor activities accessible at any time. You can engage yourself in water sports or just take it easy by whale watching on the coast. Maui is blessed with warm sunshine, so why not spend time getting a tan on one of its beautiful beaches! Why not rent a car and travel up the northeastern coast to visit Hana and witness its delightful views, or do some hiking in the Haleakala National Park! Its bamboo forests won’t disappoint you! It’s a must to try the delicious local cuisine in the many places that sell street food!

10. Mackinac Island, Michigan

You don’t have to go to the tropics for a great vacation! For Midwestern charm, you totally have to visit Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, Michigan. Its Victorian charm still exists due to its links with the Revolutionary War where it was home to a British fort making it a must-see for history buffs! The island is incredibly popular with families wanting to taste its famous locally produced fudge. It’s also popular with shoppers! The best time to visit the island is in late spring or during the summer in order to avoid the harsh Michigan winter!

9. St. John, U.S Virgin Islands

Despite its size, St. John has a lot to offer. Its white-sandy beaches are a hit with tourists that want a less hectic vacation on the third largest island in the Virgin Islands. St. John is a popular destination for water-based activities such as kayaking, sail boating, swimming, and snorkeling in its beautiful clear waters! You may also see turtles while swimming! 60% of St. John consists of the national park making this island incredibly popular with those who love nature and the outdoors. The island is noted for its unique shopping experience and fine dining. The Mongoose Junction is unmissable!

8. Anna Maria Island, Florida

For those who want a quieter vacation with the same warm sunny weather as Key West, head to Anna Maria Island which is close to Tampa. Consuming fresh seafood and tropical cocktails whilst staying in a beach cottage is appealing for many people. For those who love nature, there are many paths that provide the perfect opportunity to stroll along the island’s seafront. A superb sunset can be seen at Bean Point which is located at the top of the island. Don’t miss it!

7. San Juan Island, Washington

Despite its exotic name, it’s surprising that San Juan Island is located between Vancouver Island and Seattle, close to the Canadian border. The climate isn’t great for most of the year as it has a lot of rain, but the summers are mostly warm and sunny which allows many outdoor activities to take place, especially for those who love nature. Other things to do include walking, biking, sailing, and driving along San Juan Islands Scenic Byway.

6. Block Island, Rhode Island

For people who love the outdoors, Block Island has to be worthwhile visiting. Its unique scenery includes lighthouses, beautiful white sandy beaches, and hiking trails that nature lovers die for! New Shoreham, the island’s only town, is worth visiting for an evening meal in one of its delightful restaurants. Live music can be enjoyed too in this tiny town! Other activities that can be enjoyed are kayaking, surfing, and yoga.

5. Hilton Head, South Carolina

One of America’s most popular destinations for those wanting a tropical vacation is Hilton Head, Carolina. This beautiful island is famous for its sporting credentials where golf, tennis, and volleyball are played almost all the time. The island offers the opportunity for those who simply want to unwind to relax whilst watching the world go by. If you aren’t a sports fan, don’t worry, you won’t be bored. You can go hiking through the Sea Pines Forest Preserve or simply go biking along coastal trails where you can take in the views. The Harbour Town Lighthouse is worth visiting too for its beautiful vista.

4. Santa Catalina Island, California

Santa Catalina Island on the West Coast is a popular destination with the people of the Golden State. Those city workers who love to escape their hectic lifestyles often decide to unwind on this tiny, but a tropical island. It’s only a short trip by ferry from the mainland which is appealing for many people. Santa Catalina has many things to keep families occupied, such as outdoor activities, camping, dining out, experiencing life under the sea by going on a glass-bottom boat as well as much more. The island has many world-class resorts to cater for all tastes. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Mount Desert Island, Maine

In the state of Maine, you’ll find Mount Desert Island which is full of natural beauty. It really ticks all the boxes on nature. It boasts evergreen forests, a national park, rocky cliffs as well as being the home of the tallest mountain on the East Coast; Cadillac Mountain. This island is well-known for being an adventurer’s playground. Just remember to bring warm clothing when planning a vacation out of season!

2. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is incredibly well-known and popular amongst celebrities such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama for good reason. This destination is full of charm and culture. Shopping and dining out in famous restaurants is a must. The Aquinnah Cliffs are often at the top of tourists’ lists to see and enjoy.

1. Key West, Florida

Well known for being the place where Florida’s cruise ships sail to and from, Key West is extremely popular with tourists who want a taste of the Caribbean without having to travel that far. Located just 100 miles from Cuba, Key West is the United State’s most southern point. Excellent food and drink are served in the many fine restaurants found in Key West. Key Lime Pie is a popular dessert to enjoy! There is also a famous museum dedicated to the region’s history.