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What The Color of Your Pee Says About You?

Not all of us pay attention to the color of our pee before we flush it out of sight! In fact, not just the color, but also the smell and how often you do it. But let’s just talk about the color and give some thoughts on it.

Scientifically speaking,  the urine is considered your body’s waste. It is a composition of water, salt, and other chemical elements like urea and uric acids in the form of liquids.  Every day your kidneys work so hard to get that waste out of your body by filtering your blood. Therefore, any changes in the color of your urine can indicate your health situation.

We should point out that the medicines we take, and in case of infections, injuries, and sickness, the color of our urine may change. For a normal healthy person, the color has to be pale, gold, or yellow urine. Other than these three colors you should consult your doctor and seek advice before things get complicated.

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So, what are other colors, and what they indicate?

It is worth mentioning that Your pee may have no color at all and that is simply because you have been drinking a lot of water. The unfamiliar colors include orange, pink, red, blue, green, and dark brown.


Your pee looks Orange because you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs or chemotherapy. Additive colors (dyes) in food as well can turn the color of your urine into orange. Also, it could be a sign of a bile duct, a liver condition or dehydration.

Red or pink

Despite its alarming appearance, red or pink urine is not necessarily a sign of something serious. Maybe it’s because you have eaten vegetables, fruits or something whose color is red or pink such as Beets, blackberries or carrots. Moreover, medications you take can also change the color of your pee into red or pink like the antibiotic rifampin.

If you’re sure you haven’t eaten something whose color is red or pink or you didn’t take any antibiotics. Only then you can doubt your urine color and visit the doctor because it could be a sign of kidney disease, a UTI or prostate problems.

Blue and green urination

If your urine looks blue or green it is because you use addictive colors (dyes) in your meals or because you have taken medications like promethazine which is used to treat allergy symptoms. In case it has lasted for days only then you are advised to visit your doctor on the spot.

Dark brown

Dark brown urine could be a sign of liver disease or serious dehydration. It could also be a sign of kidney disorder. In this case, you should visit your doctor and check things out with him.

Foaming or Fizzy

Usually, this happens due to a harmless air emission. it might indicate that you have kidney problems. So, if the foaming persists, consult with a doctor as well.