Bored? Have A look At These Weird Festivals


People attend many parties and festivals just to catch some fun. Most people attend music festivals because they are fun-filled. Perhaps, in the last few days or weeks, you too have gone to parties to catch some fun. But, more than you can ever have imagined, unusual festivals are observed for weird reasons around the world. As weird and unusual as it is, the Water Gun Festival in South Korea will shock you.

Just keep at heart these 10 locations if you are looking for a place to visit in the coming days. Why? Their festivals are the weirdest around the world.

1. Sinchon Water Gun Festival, South Korea

It is fun-filled and self-explanatory. It is all about water gun, street performances, loud music, hot summer days, and a whole lot of wet t-shirts. You’ll not know how amazing the experience is until you witness it.

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