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What Donald Trump Eats Will Surprise You


Donald J. Trump is a real estate tycoon. He is also a New York businessman and the 45th President of the United States. There are a whole lot of other things about him, but we are not concerned about that now. At present, Donald Trump is considered as one of the most divisive persons in the world, if not the most divisive in the 21st century.

It is difficult to find someone who does not have some sort of opinion about him, either good or bad. Beyond the corridor of power and politics, you may want to learn a few things about the man. So, we have put a few things together about the incumbent president’s diet. We do not intend to judge the man’s taste or anything. Unless what you find out about the president’s taste tallies with your expectations, you are bound to see a few surprises.

So, what does the 45th president of the United States really like to eat?


1. President Trump loves McDonald’s

There is fast food on the menu, and the majority of people love it. Yes, you too can get used to it because a lot of amazing food items are on the list. It may surprise you to find out that the president is a big fan of MacDonald’s, the food world’s corporate darlings. Trump loves McDonald’s. President Trump, after a press conference in early 2016, responded to a series of quick-fire questions. While answering the questions, he confessed that Fish Delight, a MacDonald’s menu, remains his favorite meal.

You may feel that Fish Delight is not on the stable of MacDonald’s. You may even say that someone could come up with the phrase ‘Fish Delight,’ after the person had earned a ton of fast food, without going into a store to order for the menu. Yes, you always have the right to your opinion. We cannot comment on your claims.

2. Donald Trump Is A Big Fan Of KFC

It is said that McDonald’s leads the way, and KFC follows. And, when one considers the lists of the president’s favorite foods, one will agree straight away. Trump, in less heady days of mid-2016, tweeted a photo of himself. In the photo, the president was on his personal jet, and he was chowing a veritable banquet of KFC. In a subsequent investigation, The Washington Post showed an amazing deal about the president’s meal.

The investigation revealed that Trump’s $20 Fill-Up bucket can feed a small group of people. And, in addition to that, his use of a stainless steel knife, fork, and spoon were described as pointless and laughable. Likewise, his choice of reading material with the meal attracted mixed reactions. The material he was reading was said to be a letter sent by senate democrats to President Obama, where the former president was urged to accept more Syrian refugees into the States. President Trump was reading the letter in The Wall Street Journal.

3. The President Prefers His Steak Well-Done

Source: Pixabay

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, loves steaks that are burnt to a crisp. Although many chefs say that ordering a well-done steak was equivalent to a minor war crime, Anthony Senecal, Trump’s butler, confessed that the president would have his steaks thoroughly done so that they could ‘rock on the plate.’

Studies say that consumption of over-cooked meat can lead to memory issues later in one’s life. And, it can put someone at a greater risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Besides, a well-done steak will lead to the loss of good meat. Those who think they know more than the chef will only harm themselves in the long run.

4. Trump Loves Taco Bowls

During the election campaign, Donald Trump tweeted his photo at the Trump Tower in New York City. In the photo, he was shown eating a taco bowl. He did that in a bid to win the Hispanic vote on Cinco de Mayo. Besides, he used the opportunity to plug Trump Tower’s restaurant, and also showcased his love for Hispanics.

Earlier this year, a food reporter from the Business Insider was sent to Trump Grill to have a first-hand taste of the taco bowl. Apart from its decent and warm crunch to its tacos, the $18 dish fell flat in all other aspects. It had a bland guac, an unseasoned beef, and the cheese could be likened to a pre-shredded cheddar. So, because of this, Business Insider described the president’s dish as ‘passable at best, mediocre at worst.’

5. The President Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. Don’t let that amaze you. He is a teetotaler. He even said he has never had a drink of alcohol, just because Fred Trump, his elder brother died of alcoholism. Fred had clocked 40 before he died. So, because of the death of his brother, Donald Trump, as alleged, has never touched a drop of alcohol, even when he was on the radar of the New York real estate business.

That, of course, may not be totally true. Early this year in a story, The Telegraph suggested that the president might have broken his golden rule. After a series of analyses and deliberations, political pundits concluded that the reddish liquid Trump was drinking was actually wine. But, unfortunately, it is appalling and disappointing that the president was not ashamed to act in a dishonest manner.

6. Donald Trump likes Burger King

Yes, it is another fast food. You thought an end has to come to the list of fast food on Trump’s diet. No, not yet. His admiration for fast food is beyond what McDonald’s and KFC offer. He always shakes things off a little bit more. Burger King is another place he always visits to have some fast foods, but once in a while. He gave a speech in Florida during the election campaign. So, after the speech, Trump sent his driver to pick up some fast foods for himself and members of his team, or his gang as the case may be. Shortly after this, the president admitted, in an interview, that one can quickly get all these fast foods.

And, as a matter of fact, Trump’s love for Burger King was eventually reciprocated. Shortly after the election, Donald Trump, the newly-elected President of the United States, was honored by Burger King Russia. Burger King released a Trump-themed burger, which was tagged their ‘Angriest Whopper’ meal. What else do we have to say?

7. The President Eats A Whole Lot Of Pizza

Yes, pizza! Do you know anyone who hates it? It is pretty nice food and the ultimate meal of comfort for many people. Besides, it is the snack of choice for most people nowadays, even for the undiscerning people. Nobody seems to eat pizza more than Donald Trump, the self-declared man-of-the-people. But, don’t miss it. He may not like it more than you think.

The president has a bizarre way of eating his pizza. He scarps it off, eats the toppings, and leave the dough behind. But, who are you to say that his eating style is bizarre? Who are you to describe the president’s eating style as ‘off-putting to the extreme’? Although it appears to be a totally strange eating habit. But, who are you to expose the hypocrisy of the strange habit? Some years ago, a news organization relentlessly attacked Obama vehemently because he ordered dijon mustard with a sandwich. But, as it is, no one seems to notice the strange eating style of the president.

Also, as revealed in his quick-fire Magazine interview, President Trump loves cherry and vanilla ice cream, Citizen Kane, and hamburgers. You know hamburgers pretty well, don’t you?

8. Donald Trump Loves Meatloaf Sandwiches

Having considered the president’s diet spectrum, we realized that he has a soft spot for meatloaf sandwiches. A long time ago before the presidency stuff attracted his attention, Donald Trump appeared on television with Martha Stewart. He was looking ridiculous, as he had a cook’s apron dangling over the front of his suit. In his ridiculous state, his wife Melania was trying to assist him in the preparation of Meatloaf Sandwiches, a meal he ranked as one of his favorite foods.

We can confirm to you that we have watched the video. So, you don’t have to. President Trump spends an average of three minutes plunging The Apprentice, in a bid to put together a delicious meatloaf sandwich. And, all to his credit or Stewart’s. Even at that, he once asked whether he was going to gain anything from Stewart, as far as handling the food is concerned.

9. Donald Trump Loves Diet Coke

He loves beer and wine, no doubt about that. If he doesn’t, what then does he use to wash down all the fast food he consumes? Well, it is not water. The New York Times claims that the president drinks at least a dozen Diet Cokes on a daily basis. This is not a strange fact. Statistics reveal that Americans have issues with sugary beverages. Despite taking many varieties of sugary beverages, a dozen sodas per day is just too much for anyone to consume, even for our fearless leader.