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9 Best Beverages to Ease Arthritis Pain

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Any form of discomfort in the joint area especially on your knee will have a negative effect on your daily activities. It could be caused by arthritis, injuries, or stress. The joints as we know are vital for every locomotive activity you embark on,  and it is obvious you will feel so discomforted being restrained. Doctors could prescribe pain killers or OTC that could help relieve you of such pains but it can come with a lot of side effects that might swap a pain region for another.

The good news is that there are natural remedies you could use to get through these. There are nine different beverages that can help relieve the pains without any negative side effects. They could minimize inflammation which is the ultimate source of most joint pains

Consumption of anti-inflammatory substances in liquid forms can help improve hydration in your body. Adequate intake of water can keep your joints lubricated and increase blood flow.

Here is the list of best beverages  that can help in relieving joint and knees pains/discomfort

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9. Water

The human body is made up of about 70 percent of water and dehydration, it reduces the flexibility of the joints to work smoothly. Lacking sufficient water can also mean that your body will be less capable of flushing toxins that can cause inflammations. In the cases of joint pains, ensure to take two liters of freshly filtered tap water per day. It must not necessarily be fancy vitamin water because there are chances you might pee out all of the extra nutrients they contain and also because they possess added sugar. Bottled water can also be recommended although pulled from the same tap.

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