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Seven Effective Yoga Poses for Beautiful Breasts

We believe that every single person is capable of achieving the feat that is getting the body of their dreams. It’s achievable, and all it takes is work.

We’ve gathered and compiled some of the most efficient poses that are guaranteed to not only improve the shape of your breasts and the strength of your lungs, but they’ll have you feeling strong and healthy in no time…

The Warrior Pose.

The Warrior Pose, known more specifically as the Virabhadrasana, is great for not only helping you get a grip on your strength but also helps in stretching your thorax gently to make it elastic and active.

Here’s how:

First, place your feet wide apart and parallel to each other.

Then turn your left foot to the left at 90 degrees and your right foot inwards.  You breathe out while bending your left knee.

Your right leg should remain straight in its position.

Raise your arms and line them up with your shoulders. Turn your head left, looking down at your wrist.

Repeat this 7-10 times, then do the same with the right side.

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