Top 12 Most Expensive Cat Breeds Around the World

11. British Shorthair – $800 to $1,000

Apart from being great-to-watch cats, British Shorthairs tend to be adaptable, affectionate, and attached to their owners. They easily mingle and socialize with other pets in the household, including humans. But they tend to resist being carried about. British Shorthair is said to have its origin in the Roman Empire and it is well known for its hunting abilities and strength, although modern breed of this cat tends to be a little bit clumsy. The earliest members of this lovely breed came out of the UK street cats. Breeders really worked hard to ensure that this breed is resilient to many diseases and health issues.

This cat breed is just too lovely and more rounded than its American counterpart. It comes in several beautiful colors, and the cat is known for its copper eyes, bluish-gray fur, and wide face. This breed earns its place in the list of the most expensive cat breeds since you have to cough between $800 and $1,000 to get a British Shorthair kitten. Usually, this cat breed is not energetic or active but easy-going and laidback, and it loves showing affection to people.